Monday, 19 March 2012

The Swamp King and The Mysterious Bull

The swamp king and the mysterious bull...

In the mysterious, deep, dark and damp swamp you could hear a stranger yelling “MANGAYA MANGAYA HI HI HI HAHAHAHAHAH!!!” A king of a swamp named Sufasa, yelled out his mystical saying of ‘meet meet us us us welcome.He is as hairy as king kong’s, great, great , great grandpa and he likes to sleep and eat,with his wife Su-Sophia.

But there was a bull called bogba he always scared the visitors away from the well known swamp owned by king Sufasa and queen Su-Sophia. One day the king came home to find his wife dead on his favourite swamp couch.

Sufasa picked up the royal swamp spear and yelled “Wollahoolamooolahoola” meaning ‘this is war prepare to die!’ He ran and prepared to throw is spear when the lion murmured “Please dont kill me” the king stopped in fright and wonder.
“I am an ancient beast that cant control himself, please lock me in a cage”
The king locked him deep down in the dark dungeon all the way under his swamp.
Everybody was happy or were they...

By Jayden Kenneth Charlie Roberts and Wiremu Dylan Liddicoat.