Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesday Grammar and Punctuation Worksheet Marking

Writing worksheet: Re write the following sentence, add in the correct grammar, punctuation, full stops and capital letters:

For inquiry this term our class has learnt about state of matter.I have found out many things about the density liquids, gases, solids and how matter of particular substances change when the temperature is changed.
An example of this would be water, when frozen water become a solid because it turns into ice. When the room temperature water is a liquid when it’s heated water becomes gas as it is steam, another example would be chocolate. From learning about states of matter I know that different materials have different densities. However not everyone knows what density means. Density is how tightly or closely the particles of a material are I know that from our particle layer party experiment that honey and golden syrup are denser than water and methylated spirit.
I learnt about state of matter because it’s interesting and helps me better to understand the way things work?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Reverse Key

Reverse Key

                             Name 14 things newspaper can’t be used for?
1. It can’t be used for eating  

2. It can’t be used for toilet paper

3. It can’t be used for smoking

4. It can’t be used for origami

5. It can’t be used for hair ties or hair bands

6. It can’t be used for cleaning the water off the bench

7. It can’t be used for a toilet

8. It can’t be used for a toy

9. It can’t be used for a weapon  

10. It can’t be used for drinking

11. It can’t be used for a chair

12. It can’t be used for a friend but that's only if you have some

13. It can’t be used for a play station

14. It can’t be used for a computer

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Street Kid Named Bazza

What do you think the story is about? Why do you think this? I think the story is about a street kid named bazza how is looking for a normal family because he lives on the streets.

On the first page in the story, what you gather from the opening sentence? I gathered that the boy who is homeless is trying to find a home.

What language features has the author used in the first opening sentence? The author has used a sort of carrying language feature in the first opening sentence.  

What does the word ‘old fogies’ mean to you? I think it means old people or just your parents or older brothers or sisters

Reading the first page and a half, how do you think the author is feeling about his parents inviting young street kids round? Use a quote from the story to support your answer. kids living on the street, battlers who have no money and homeless kids who can come back anytime they want but they can't let there own children back any time.

Tell me about the boy’s family, what are they like?  In the story they are fussy an idiot, think they're funny but they're not, kills bug’s for no-reason and thinks they can read each other's future.  

Looking at the illustrations on page 14, how do they support the boy’s description of the boy’s family? They look like a not family but to bazza he thinks they are a normal family.

Why did Barry also known as ‘Bazza’ send shivers up the boy’s spine? Because he looked tough and because barry doesn't sound like a name for a boy who looks like he wants to kill someone.

What does the word aggro mean? I think the word aggro means angry or something like that.

Write the word aggro into a sentence. When my sister and brother get me aggro I feel like hitting them.

How is the boy feeling towards Barry so far, how do we know this? I think the boy is feeling sad and sorry for bazza because he has no family to look after him and because he has no friends.  

How do you feel about Barry? Why? I feel sorry about bazza because he doesn't have a home or a family.

Why would it matter that Barry’s father used to hit him? How has this made Barry? I think it has made barry think he could beat other people up because he used to get beaten up by his dad.

We can see that some of the word in the story are in italics, why do you think this? I think the italics are there so the author can change the language features.  

Can you give me an example of a quote from the story that is in italics?  One of my quotes from the story are Why did I say that.

Summarise what you have read in this story so far. Bazza finds a home but he thinks he doesn't fit in and he writes a letter to the boy.

Read to middle of page 18, can you predict what will happen in the rest of the story? Bazza will find a family who he can fit in with and he lives happily ever after.