Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 1 Observations

Future Questions   
Today I observed. . .
I wonder. . .

Will the plant die even more if we put more water and more light from the lamp?
Will the plant die if we put more water and more light from the lamp and if we wait for at least 4 days?

I wonder if the plant is dead from the lamp if we put it into a bowl of food coloring, will it still change color or not?

There was a change because the leave on a plant had nothing on it  and died earlier than the one with a plastic bag on it.
I think the one with the plastic bag had no air and sunlight. But the one with no bag on died because it got burnt because of the lamp.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Science Investigation T3

Hi I have been studying about Photosynthesis this term. Here are some photos of the experiment                                                                                that we have just did.

My Basic Facts Progress

                                                              These are my basic facts scores for so far. 
                                                                My goal for week 5 is to get 100 again.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Richmond & Wiremu's Narrative Story

One hot sizzling Summers day, there lived a young lad named Shaun Johnson. This mature man is a sporty, kind and swift person. Every morning he would start with a slow pace and develop going faster in his jog.
He would usually pass a small Pohutukawa tree just grown last year by a six year old boy, named Jacob . Right next to a famous Kauri tree there he lived inside a paru Camper Van.

Suddenly. . .

There arrived a vicious man that was anxious to cut that small boys tree down.
He was wearing a black and white singlet, with some broken old paru flip-flops. He was holding a large chain saw very aggressively, he got ready to yank the chain to start the engine.

Ten seconds later. . .

I flew down and stung the man who was trying to cut the tree down.
“Yee-how my bum’s been stung.”
What a relief. I felt like a hero. I wondered if I could do that for every person  even though I was  still in pain.

Be brave and help others.