Monday, 25 February 2013

My Whare Tapa Wha

This is my Te Whare Tapa Wha and it represents what is happing in life. Taha Tinana means what is happing in my body, Taha Whanau means who I am close to, Taha Wairua means what I do and Taha Hinengano means my mental health and what I need to do so I can stay alive. 

Friday, 22 February 2013

My Goal Setting

My description About A Boy And A tree

He could see the children in the park climbing up the trees.
He can see people running past him as they play sports.
He could see the kids sliding down the slide in the park.
He can see dogs playing with their owners in the grass.

He could hear the dogs barking at the cats.
He could hear the cat hissing at the dogs.
He can hear the squirrels talking to one another up the tree.
He can hear the airplanes as they fly across the light blue sky.

He can smell the pee from the dogs as they did their business on the tree.
He can smell the fresh air as it rushed through his nostrils.
He could smell the sweat from the people playing sports.
He could smell the metal from the slide.


He can taste the dirt that the  wind blew into his mouth.
He can taste the acorns that the squirrels have thrown into his mouth.
He could taste the sweat dripping down into his mouth as the hot sun beamed down and made him sweat.
He could taste the bugs flying into his mouth as he breathed for air.

He can feel the bark poking at his fingertips as he gripped the tree.
He can feel the sharpness of the grass as he is standing on the ground.
He could feel the rush of the air blowing onto his skin.
He could feel the feel the sweat dripping down onto his face.

Maths Language

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Making Comparisons

WALT: Make comparisons to other objects.
Today we were learning how to compare an object with an alive living creature.  This is called Personification.  We are focusing on poetic writing for our descriptions.  Here were my answers.
                                                     Hope you enjoy!!!  


1. Grasshopper. dead or asleep.
2. The tracter rests in the shed, like a heavy grasshopper
3. Dead or asleep

Safety pin
1. Closed sleeps on its side quietly
2. The silver image of some small fish
3. At the sharp point of a surprised eye
Holden commodore
1. I see its big eyes shining bright yellow
2. It prowls along the road for ages and only drinks at caltex
3. I can hear it roar like a lion

My 6 Hats Current Event

My Personification Presentation

Friday, 15 February 2013

Mark Lowndes

On Wednesday the 13th of February we were excited enough to interview Mark Lowndes. He is a famous for his appearance in Australias Got Talent. Miss Aireen organized our interview, which we did online using Google chat. He sang us a beautiful song he made in the islands called “No good bye”. The five things that I learnt about  Mark Lowndes is that he got to meet lots of celebrities called, Nesian mystic, Boys to men, Black seeds. He has made it into the semi final in Australia's Got Talent  and one more thing is that the only red carpet he has walked on is the one at his church. He left us with the message saying to follow your dreams, never give up, be confident and be patient. I felt positive. Below is a video of Mark lowndes.

My Aspiration and Inspiration Presentation

My Individual Description

My name is Wiremu I am a year 7 student at Tamaki primary school who likes to play sports anytime and anywhere. In school I would like to achieve lots of goals like making it up to 4B in reading and writing.

The part I think is interesting about my family is that they achieve lots of things like my 4th biggest brother has achieved his goal by making it into all of the NRL teams, my mum has achieved a goal to be a teacher aide at my school and my 2nd biggest brother has achieved a goal by having his first baby named Dayton he is the cutest baby in the world.      

My community is Panmure, it is a crazy suburb where people have fights, car crashes, people getting run over and people doing big burnouts in there car but it is still a beautiful community.

My hobbies are collecting Bob Marley things, playing on the computer and fighting with my brothers. The sports I like are rugby, rugby league, soccer and touch. My culture is Maori it is a very interesting culture. The thing what makes my culture interesting is that they care about one another and they make lots of different weapons.

My hopes are when I grow up I would want to be like my 4th brother and make it into every NRL team like him. Four things that I fear is the song shine bright like a diamond, sharks, ghost and big spiders.

My Family Poem

Ari is a hippo, who eats too much and he is also a kind loving person,
Taylor is bulky, but a slight big person who plays lots of sports,
Daniel is a tall giant that makes it into every league team there is,
Charday is a tall giraffe who is anoying when she gets in trouble from my mum.
My Dad is the king of the jungle who doesn't let anyone sit in his seat when we are watching t.v,
Kauri is the next Usain Bolt but he is annoying like a little fly who keeps flying on you.
I am the trouble maker who is going to be like Daniel when I grow up.
Last but not least my Mum... she is the queen of the jungle who hunts for the food so we don’t starve.  

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Samoan Language Introduction Inquiry

Talofa lava le vasega - Hello class
O a’ u o Wiremu - My name is Wiremu
Ou te nofo i Panmure - I live in Panmure
Ou te alu i le aoga o Tamaki Primary - I go to Tamaki Primary
Vasega valu o te i ai - I am in Room8
Ou te fiafia e alu i le a’oga - I like going to school

Ou te fiafia e tautala fa’asamoa - I like speaking in Samoan