Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fishing Practices

The art of Dredging

Fishing methods or practises have been around for many centuries. There are different types of fishing practices like Dredging, bottom trawling trawling and many more but today i'm going to be talking about dredging.

Dredging is a popular fishing practise its similar to trawling because you carry a massive net or cage behind the boat. Dredging uses a steel cage with metal teeth at the bottom of the cage. The teeth is good for digging into the ground so they can pick up the shellfish like oysters, clams and scallops (mainly fish that hang around the sea floor).

The problems about dredging is that it destroys the sea floor and it also makes fish run away from their houses. Another problem is that it could cut or damage something very important to out sea water. Dredging is a problem to the sea because it could kill lots of sting rays that live in the bottom of the sand and it could less the population of the stingrays.

Spearfishing: Spearfishing is a type of fishing practice that many people do around the world. Spearfishing is really dangerous type of fishing and is amazing because  you get to go deep down into the ocean and explore the amazing ocean thats around us.

So as you have wondered by now fishing is a really dangerous sport you have to make a lot of sacrifices to fish. Some people are away from their families for months and even years. But it helps keeps this world a safer and better environment. For our community but remember keep kaimoana (seafood) for the future. Pollution will dim down the population of kaimoana for our people.

Here is a quick video about spearfishing

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