Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fact or Opinion

Fact or Opinion
1. Candy
Fact: Candy rots your teeth if you only eat too much of it.
Opinion: I think candy is not delicious but other people might like it.

2. Tree
Fact: Some tree’s have fruit and some trees don’t have anything on them.
Opinion: I think tree’s are dangerous because if you fall off one then you could hurt yourself but that's only if you are dumb enough to climb them.

3. Monkey
Fact: Monkeys can do anything a human could do.
Opinion: Monkeys should be only kept in the wild.

4. Carrot
Fact: Carrots help you with your eyesight and they are good when you make a carrot cake.
Opinion: I think carrots help your eyesight and I think carrots are good in carrot cake.

5. Australia
Fact: Australia is a home to many different species of animals than NZ.
Opinion: I think Australia is a messy country because people always drink and they leave their bottles on the road and the boxes they come in.

6. Bird
Fact: Birds find anywhere to build their nests but they only build their nests somewhere high.
Opinion: I think birds don’t just build their nests in a high place because there is a birds nest in my tree at home and I could just reach it.

7. Pizza
Fact: Some pizzas you buy can or could be under or over cooked.
Opinion: I think pizzas should be kept in the freezer so when you buy it, it will still be fresh.

8. Piano
Fact: Pianos have the same keys but every single one of those keys play a different sound.
Opinion: I think Pianos are a cool instrument but thats only if I know how to play it.

9. Banana
Fact: Bananas are very sweet but there are no juice in a banana.
Opinion: I think there should be juice in a banana so you could juice them.

10. Chocolate
Fact: Chocolate is also a candy and it is also sweet.
Opinion: I think you should brush your teeth after you have eaten it.

11. Laptop
Fact: Laptops are smaller than computers.
Opinion: I think laptops should all be the same price.

12. Hair
Fact: Hair comes in different shapes and sizes.

Opinion: I think hair should be cut once every year because it would be long but some people like there hair long.

13. Chair
Fact: Some chairs have wheels and some don't.
Opinion: I think all chairs should have wheels because so you can get to places faster.

14. Windows 
Fact: Windows are good for blocking out the wind.
Opinion: I think al windows should be roll-downs.