Thursday, 19 July 2012

Going To Rotorua.

Tuesday 17th July, 2012 P1: In the holidays we hired a campervan to drive to Rotorua. The time that we went to leave was 4:00 in the morning. It was a rush because we had to get there before 8:30. P2: We drove for ages because we always had to stop for gas, as we finally got to Rotorua it smelt like rotten eggs. I felt ill because we were lying down and because of the smell. P3: Then we went to find a campground to stay at. It was an amazing campground because we had a killer view because we stayed at lake Taupo. The view was about the sun shining so brightly that it made the lake go golden. We saw geese and ducks in the lake. After that we left the campground to go and watch my brother play his game. P3: When the hooter went off the game was starting. It was NZRL red vs NZRL blue. My brother was in the red team he scored the first TRY the score was 6-0. They were playing good at the first half but in the second half the game had finished the last score was 36-12. After the game they had their prize giving and one of my brother’s friends did a rap and it was funny. My brother had a good game and he got player of the day. The feeling that I felt was excitement, because this was an important game for him. I felt good that he had won this game. P4: After the game we drove to a place called Miranda. It was amazing because it has 3 pools and each pool has three slides. So we stayed another night at Miranda. My family and I all stayed there and we had a blast. It was fun going to Rotorua because of all of the adventures me and my family had. P5: The next day we had to go home we said goodbye to Rotorua and to all of the people that we had met when we were down there. I would love to go back there because of all the adventures that me and my family have had. The lessons that I have learnt was: Always be thankful for what you get. Respect others. Thank the people that have brought you here.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Reading Goals

                                                      My reading goals for Term3 are...

  • Make use of my prior knowledge: This means asking "What do I already know about this topic?"
  • Respond using evidence from the text: This means not guessing. It means using information from the text.