Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My 2012 Netbook Reflection

I am a year 6 student I have just completed my second year with my netbook. This is my 2012 reflection.

The positives of having a netbook is that, you can use shortcuts. E.g Ctrl + Alt +I, Ctrl + A,
Ctrl +C and so on and so forth. Another positive thing is that you can find information faster on the internet.

The Minuses are that there are viruses that can try and trick you but all you need to do is to be cyber smart. Also people download illegal things that they are not supposed to be doing. Another thing is that your sound and camera might not work.

The interesting thing is that if you have a virus on your netbook you could just re-image your netbook so you can use it again and again.

And my goal for next year is to learn more shortcuts on my netbook and my other goal is to learn more basic facts.

Taekwondo Movie

Friday, 30 November 2012

Technology Of The Future

This is the future of technology that could be used in our days too.
But mostly in the future.
So I hope you enjoy this slide-show of the new and efficiently version of the I Pad.
P.S: You control it with your pupils.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Solar System Car

This is a solar system car that me and my buddy drew. We were learning about how dose solar system works in the world. Today we learnt how to create our own solar system car and this is it.
 Hope you like it.  

Saving Energy Persuasive

it is good to save energy?
What is climate change? Are we doing the damage?
Energy can do amazing things, but we have to make sure we DO NOT cause global warming.

I believe and truly know that you should save energy by turning off all appliances at the wall to reduce at a estimation of at least 7.5% of your money. Are you aware that if you save energy by turning off all the tvs in your home.  It won’t cost you much to pay your bills, and you might get to go to your favourite place in the world.

Energy is really great but everyday there’s too much Co2 getting realised and put into the air, which could cause climate change. For example:
e.g In South Antarctica their snow and ice will all melt down, but that usually doesn’t happen. Using usual transport, like cars, trucks, vans and many more can be STOPPED because it puts out to many Co2 into the air, which could cause global warming. You could STOP it by using public transport like buses or catch a ride with your family or friends.
By 2015 ICEHOTEL will be using more energy and electricity more than they used to. This means they are Co2 negative.

Now you see why energy is a good and amazing thing, but we have to make sure we DO NOT cause global warming or Climate Change.
So I recommend that you try your best to save energy and it could change your life, like it has changed mine.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Wordle Display About Climate Change

My Robot's

These are my robots, there names are Slave and Boom Box. I named him Slave because he will get me stuff that I would want to have, I named him Boom Box because he looks like a big stereo and he will play me music. Slave will get me things he will never obey me and he will never say no because he is my slave. If my robot gets hungry I will feed him batteries and give him some oil to drink. Boom Box will always play me music when I am bored, and if he gets hungry I will feed him also oil and batteries.  

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cooking With Bio gas In India.

A mixture of cow dung and water is taken from the cowshed by bucket, carried up the steps of the bio-gas plant, and loaded into the top tank.The weight of this dung slurry pushes it down a pipe to the bottom of the digester. As the dung rots, it gives off  methane gas . This bubbles up into the floating drum, which rises as it gets fuller. The weight of the drum pushes the gas though the gas pipe to the kitchen. Turn the cooker on, and out comes the gas. The manure from ten to fifteen cows supplies enough gas to cook for large family. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Electricity Explanation

Most of the electricity people use comes from power stations.Inside a power station is a device called a generator. An energy source --like wind, water and coal --turns the blades of a turbine inside the generator, which spins a magnet.

The spinning magnet creates a flow of electricity.Power lines on tall towers carry the electricity from the power plant to a substation where transformers reduce the voltage (strength).

Then distribution lines carry the electricity to homes and buildings, where we use it for lights, appliances, and equipment. Distribution lines can be located overhead as shown here, or under the ground.       

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Team Building

Today we were learning how to make connections and to work as a team. We had to hold hands and mix ourselves up, but the real challenge was getting ourselves UNTANGLED again!  In our group we were listening to a very good leader named Arapeta, he told us which way to go and he took risks and never gave up. When we were doing it! Arapeta finally untangled us and we got the job done.  

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NZ Shake out Day

Today was New Zealand's national shake out day. At 9:26am there was an earthquake drill.I was at my desk, so I dropped, covered and held to stay safe. One thing we did well at T.P.S was getting underneath our desk's and doing the drill well. One thing I want to work on next time is trying to reacted faster when an earthquake really comes. Our meeting place is our school hall. Remember, in the event of an earthquake... always reacted fast and always to DROP,COVER AND HOLD!!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Learning Sign Language






Today we were learning to do sign language, and how to spell our name's by doing 
sign language!!! Hope you learn how to do sign your name.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Word Webs

This is my popplet and the word that I have chosen was 
little hope you enjoy reading!!! 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 1 Observations

Future Questions   
Today I observed. . .
I wonder. . .

Will the plant die even more if we put more water and more light from the lamp?
Will the plant die if we put more water and more light from the lamp and if we wait for at least 4 days?

I wonder if the plant is dead from the lamp if we put it into a bowl of food coloring, will it still change color or not?

There was a change because the leave on a plant had nothing on it  and died earlier than the one with a plastic bag on it.
I think the one with the plastic bag had no air and sunlight. But the one with no bag on died because it got burnt because of the lamp.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Science Investigation T3

Hi I have been studying about Photosynthesis this term. Here are some photos of the experiment                                                                                that we have just did.

My Basic Facts Progress

                                                              These are my basic facts scores for so far. 
                                                                My goal for week 5 is to get 100 again.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Richmond & Wiremu's Narrative Story

One hot sizzling Summers day, there lived a young lad named Shaun Johnson. This mature man is a sporty, kind and swift person. Every morning he would start with a slow pace and develop going faster in his jog.
He would usually pass a small Pohutukawa tree just grown last year by a six year old boy, named Jacob . Right next to a famous Kauri tree there he lived inside a paru Camper Van.

Suddenly. . .

There arrived a vicious man that was anxious to cut that small boys tree down.
He was wearing a black and white singlet, with some broken old paru flip-flops. He was holding a large chain saw very aggressively, he got ready to yank the chain to start the engine.

Ten seconds later. . .

I flew down and stung the man who was trying to cut the tree down.
“Yee-how my bum’s been stung.”
What a relief. I felt like a hero. I wondered if I could do that for every person  even though I was  still in pain.

Be brave and help others.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Going To Rotorua.

Tuesday 17th July, 2012 P1: In the holidays we hired a campervan to drive to Rotorua. The time that we went to leave was 4:00 in the morning. It was a rush because we had to get there before 8:30. P2: We drove for ages because we always had to stop for gas, as we finally got to Rotorua it smelt like rotten eggs. I felt ill because we were lying down and because of the smell. P3: Then we went to find a campground to stay at. It was an amazing campground because we had a killer view because we stayed at lake Taupo. The view was about the sun shining so brightly that it made the lake go golden. We saw geese and ducks in the lake. After that we left the campground to go and watch my brother play his game. P3: When the hooter went off the game was starting. It was NZRL red vs NZRL blue. My brother was in the red team he scored the first TRY the score was 6-0. They were playing good at the first half but in the second half the game had finished the last score was 36-12. After the game they had their prize giving and one of my brother’s friends did a rap and it was funny. My brother had a good game and he got player of the day. The feeling that I felt was excitement, because this was an important game for him. I felt good that he had won this game. P4: After the game we drove to a place called Miranda. It was amazing because it has 3 pools and each pool has three slides. So we stayed another night at Miranda. My family and I all stayed there and we had a blast. It was fun going to Rotorua because of all of the adventures me and my family had. P5: The next day we had to go home we said goodbye to Rotorua and to all of the people that we had met when we were down there. I would love to go back there because of all the adventures that me and my family have had. The lessons that I have learnt was: Always be thankful for what you get. Respect others. Thank the people that have brought you here.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Reading Goals

                                                      My reading goals for Term3 are...

  • Make use of my prior knowledge: This means asking "What do I already know about this topic?"
  • Respond using evidence from the text: This means not guessing. It means using information from the text.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Room 8 Speeches

Room 8 have been studying Movie Magic. Part of making movies, is speaking clearly. We put this into practice by planning, crafting, practicing and presenting speeches. The topics we chose, were topics that would influence the thinking of others. We hope you enjoy!

The Homeless Man Who Won The Lotto.

Orientation: Long ago in the nineties there lived a man called Sam (homeless man). He lived in the streets with no family or home. He looked old, wrinkly, slow and hungry. But... one day he found $100 dollars in the street. He put his money in his right pocket. He then went to the shop and bought a lotto ticket, he put his ticket in his left pocket. Problem: When he was walking, the ticket fell out of his left pocket because his clothes were so old. He thought the ticket was in his pocket but when he felt that it wasn’t in his pocket, he was jumping up and down with rage.OH NO! Solution: The rest of the money that he had left he went to the shop and brought another lotto ticket. When he went to the dairy he checked it in, and it was a winning ticket.So the homeless man that won the lotto was the richest man in the word. He went to this place called The Skydiving Experience. He was on the biggest plane in the world and jumped off and skydive. THE END.

Speech Reflections.

How did you feel about presenting your speech to the class? I felt confident to present it to our class.

What was the hardest part about preparing a speech?
The hardest part on preparing our speech was to trying to get it ready before the speech day.

What did you enjoy most about speeches?
I enjoyed that we could present our speeches to everyone in the class.

How could you improve your speech making next time?
I could work more hard on it and practise more and more.

Shade in the squares to give your speech a rating out of TEN:


Famous New Zealand Actor.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Room8's Possible Speech Ideas.

We are going to start writing speeches. Here is our brainstorm of possible topics. We used  lucidcharts to create this brainstorm. Can you think of any more ideas?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Comparing Movies

We used to compare movies that entertain and movies that influence. We used Manaikalani Flim Festival movies.

Banana's Group Play.

We were learning to use expression when we read.  We had to look at the punctuation to know how to change our voice to suit.  We hope you enjoy!

Mavis and Jayden

These are my class mates Jayden and Mavis.  They won artist awards!  I thought I would share their good news with you.  Room 8 kids rock!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Room 8's Movie Ideas

We are studying Movie Magic.  We want to create movies that influence and inspire our audience.  Here is a brainstorm we created using to record our big messages.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Room 8 Charades

My Term 2 Learning Goals


To get to the next level I need to:
  1. Make up my own opinions about the stories and the characters
  2. To feel for the characters and situations by using my making connections strategy
  3. Use my skimming and scanning strategy to look for information quickly

To get to the next level I need to:
  1. Use capital letters correctly (at the start of sentences and for names of things like artworks and books).
  2. Keep developing vocabulary to use when writing


To get to the next level I need to:
  1. To write and solve number problems that involve fractions ½ ¼ 
  2. Learn and use the maths symbols =, < and >

The Tamaki College Girls Rugby League Championship!!!

If you are a fan of girls playing rugby league?  Because I am! If you are, then you should go to this video!

Throughout all the movies in the world you should watch this one because it inspires you to be a professional league player like playing for the warriors or your favourite team.

This encourages you to not give up on your dream to be a professional league player and it helps you to learn about it.

You should watch this video because this will encourage you to play league and it will help you to learn all about.

If you want to watch this video then you should go to and see for yourselves.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Swamp King and The Mysterious Bull

The swamp king and the mysterious bull...

In the mysterious, deep, dark and damp swamp you could hear a stranger yelling “MANGAYA MANGAYA HI HI HI HAHAHAHAHAH!!!” A king of a swamp named Sufasa, yelled out his mystical saying of ‘meet meet us us us welcome.He is as hairy as king kong’s, great, great , great grandpa and he likes to sleep and eat,with his wife Su-Sophia.

But there was a bull called bogba he always scared the visitors away from the well known swamp owned by king Sufasa and queen Su-Sophia. One day the king came home to find his wife dead on his favourite swamp couch.

Sufasa picked up the royal swamp spear and yelled “Wollahoolamooolahoola” meaning ‘this is war prepare to die!’ He ran and prepared to throw is spear when the lion murmured “Please dont kill me” the king stopped in fright and wonder.
“I am an ancient beast that cant control himself, please lock me in a cage”
The king locked him deep down in the dark dungeon all the way under his swamp.
Everybody was happy or were they...

By Jayden Kenneth Charlie Roberts and Wiremu Dylan Liddicoat.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First Post for 2012

This is my first post for 2012!I like my netbook because this makes me learn and it is a great learning tool. This year I am looking forward to camp in term 4. Keep following my learning and leave a comment thank you.