Friday, 30 November 2012

Technology Of The Future

This is the future of technology that could be used in our days too.
But mostly in the future.
So I hope you enjoy this slide-show of the new and efficiently version of the I Pad.
P.S: You control it with your pupils.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Solar System Car

This is a solar system car that me and my buddy drew. We were learning about how dose solar system works in the world. Today we learnt how to create our own solar system car and this is it.
 Hope you like it.  

Saving Energy Persuasive

it is good to save energy?
What is climate change? Are we doing the damage?
Energy can do amazing things, but we have to make sure we DO NOT cause global warming.

I believe and truly know that you should save energy by turning off all appliances at the wall to reduce at a estimation of at least 7.5% of your money. Are you aware that if you save energy by turning off all the tvs in your home.  It won’t cost you much to pay your bills, and you might get to go to your favourite place in the world.

Energy is really great but everyday there’s too much Co2 getting realised and put into the air, which could cause climate change. For example:
e.g In South Antarctica their snow and ice will all melt down, but that usually doesn’t happen. Using usual transport, like cars, trucks, vans and many more can be STOPPED because it puts out to many Co2 into the air, which could cause global warming. You could STOP it by using public transport like buses or catch a ride with your family or friends.
By 2015 ICEHOTEL will be using more energy and electricity more than they used to. This means they are Co2 negative.

Now you see why energy is a good and amazing thing, but we have to make sure we DO NOT cause global warming or Climate Change.
So I recommend that you try your best to save energy and it could change your life, like it has changed mine.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Wordle Display About Climate Change

My Robot's

These are my robots, there names are Slave and Boom Box. I named him Slave because he will get me stuff that I would want to have, I named him Boom Box because he looks like a big stereo and he will play me music. Slave will get me things he will never obey me and he will never say no because he is my slave. If my robot gets hungry I will feed him batteries and give him some oil to drink. Boom Box will always play me music when I am bored, and if he gets hungry I will feed him also oil and batteries.  

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cooking With Bio gas In India.

A mixture of cow dung and water is taken from the cowshed by bucket, carried up the steps of the bio-gas plant, and loaded into the top tank.The weight of this dung slurry pushes it down a pipe to the bottom of the digester. As the dung rots, it gives off  methane gas . This bubbles up into the floating drum, which rises as it gets fuller. The weight of the drum pushes the gas though the gas pipe to the kitchen. Turn the cooker on, and out comes the gas. The manure from ten to fifteen cows supplies enough gas to cook for large family. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Electricity Explanation

Most of the electricity people use comes from power stations.Inside a power station is a device called a generator. An energy source --like wind, water and coal --turns the blades of a turbine inside the generator, which spins a magnet.

The spinning magnet creates a flow of electricity.Power lines on tall towers carry the electricity from the power plant to a substation where transformers reduce the voltage (strength).

Then distribution lines carry the electricity to homes and buildings, where we use it for lights, appliances, and equipment. Distribution lines can be located overhead as shown here, or under the ground.