Thursday, 7 March 2013

Maria Hunt


  • She’s not only a chef, she works at a medical hospital too.
  • She’s won a gold medal by cooking pasta dish very.
  • She’s very competitive in her cooking.
  • She’s the only one who cooks in her family.
  • Her cultures are Samoan and Tongan
  • She’s travelling in Spain + Europe
Inspired because:

  • She takes risks.
  • She works and she never gives up on her dreams.
  • She has a new a dream if the first dream doesn't work out she could just go to the second dream.  
  • She’s a hard worker and took the time to come to us.

Key Messages
  • Always practice
  • Work hard at everything
  • Being a chef is never too late
  • Being a chef you need to have a good taste.
  • It’s never too late for anything.

Constable John Maea - Brown